Concretely Obsessed

The story of an architect turned photographer

Ms Khasgiwala understood the moment of a structure, the buildings in and out, and the factors affecting the building. This gave rise to a passion for capturing those moments and framing them—her architectural background and fascination with buildings got her into Architectural Photography.

Ms Khasgiwala claims to have had a fascination for concrete constructions since always. Before making it a profession, she was always keen to click the streets and buildings, be it a regular looking one or a piece of art.

As a Photographer, Prachi regularly meets architects, interior designers, and local artisans, which has enabled her to understand and improvise the concept behind their creations. "How they are built, what tools they use, and what materials they use has brought me closer to knowing how things work and why " adds the architectural photographer. This exercise has profoundly influenced her to become a recipient of finding new ways to look at the same existential problems we all face and try to view things differently. Photography might have its benefits, but it has brought mental peace for our muse. She has her heart in it.

About Prachi

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